Montblanc Meisterstuck

A pen is as essential as a bag or watch for individuals who love hand-written notes. Fountain pens deliver a personal touch for such individuals since they usually have handmade tips of palladium or gold and often feature intricate designs. In some families, pens are usually handed down through generations.

 While such pens may not be everyone’s cup of tea, that doesn’t mean people don’t want a subtle and sophisticated way of writing on random business cards or writing notes as much as the next person.      

1. Design

This is the most popular pen in Montblanc’s Meisterstuck series and features the line’s classic design. The pen has the conventional cigar shape and is fitted with platinum-coated trims. 

The trim color blends well with the black resin body and the trademark white star on the cap’s top. Overall, it appears sleek and streamlined.  The cap is removable and can be placed on the barrel.

The pen has a balanced weight when the cap is placed on top of the barrel. Once you place the cap on the barrel, the end of the cap sits on one hand. Constant movement makes the cap loose. This shouldn’t be a big concern for individuals who don’t post their pens.  

The pen has a two-tone 14K gold tip. The nib has a rich and fancy engraving that isn’t crowded. It has a beautiful nib design but doesn’t compare to Pelikan’s Souveran line. 

Even though most people prefer having bigger nibs with stylish engravings, the pen’s nib is appropriately sized considering the pen’s overall dimensions. 

One aspect needs improvement; it would be better if the nib were completely rhodium-plated and monotone. The consistent silver and black contrast throughout the pen makes it stand out.  

2. Packaging

The Montblanc Meisterstuck pens come in regular Montblanc packaging, a rectangular box that features the trademark Montblanc 6-sided white star. The box is sturdy and offers adequate pen protection. Nevertheless, one would expect more considering the cost.   

Even though the packaging looks classic, it’s too dull. Nothing is missing in the packaging, but it’s too unexciting and basic.    

The choice of packaging material is also questionable. While pulling the pen out of the box is simple, there’s a notable resistance when you try to put the pen back in the box. 

The material causes a lot of friction when you try to put the pen back; this is certainly more than what’s needed to protect the pen. Even though the material is adequately soft, one can’t shake the thought that the tension can scratch the pen.     

3. Nib Performance 

The pen’s nib has an average ink flow, making it perfect for individuals who write daily. The tip is relatively rigid and has a small amount of spring. Consequently, the pen doesn’t have any line variation; this can be a turn-off for some users. 

The pen writes right out of the box, and there’s no skipping or hard start on standard papers. The pen, however, has a hard start on specific paper types like the Midori Traveler’s notebook insert.      

4. Maintenance and Cleaning

The pen has a converter/cartridge filling system making cleaning easy. To clean the converter and tip, all you have to do is run them through cold water. 

Maintenance is also simple, and the platinum platings are durable. The cartridge system is well designed, and finding replacements is simple. The pen is of outstanding quality as long as a user regularly cleans and maintains it.    

5. Filling System

The pen uses the standard international converter/cartridge system. The barrel has adequate space to hold two short cartridges placed back to back or the long international cartridge. This is convenient for individuals who’d want this pen as a travel pen.   

The pen comes with one converter, which holds a decent ink amount. The converter features a spring that moves freely and serves as the agitator. The spring makes some noise; however, it’s very subtle and is usually audible when one refills the cartridge.  

The pen’s converter is the screw-in type, with threads that ensure it remains secure during cleaning and when in motion. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the tip falling or getting ruined. Even though threaded converters aren’t limited to Montblanc pens, the brand has the best design execution.   

Bottom Line

The classic Montblanc’s Meisterstuck Classique Platinum line is an excellent fountain pen with a slim profile but fits comfortably in hand. The pen has flawless finishing and is of excellent quality. The pen has consistent performance and writes well straight out of the box.     

The pen’s convertor system is too basic considering the cost, but the execution and design are top-quality.  Cleaning and maintenance are easy, and the pen is perfect for individuals who write daily; its classic look blends seamlessly with any occasion. 

The writing experience can be boring because the nob is rigid. Considering the cost, this pen doesn’t offer the most fun or the best return for your money.