The Montblanc was launched in Germany in 1906. The luxury brand’s lineup includes high-end accessories, watches, and fountain pens. Their fountain pens range from large (149) to slim (114).

The Boheme is a famous line from the brand, and it features a filling system and a retractable nib. This specific Boheme was part of their Moongarden collection. 

Lightning Roulette


The Boheme is a pocket pen and is 13.4 cm (5.25 inches) long. It weighs 25 g (0.9 oz) and is comfortable to grip and use. Unlike other pens, this pen has a retractable nib design and a quirky writing technique.    

The tip retracts into the pen, protecting it from unwarranted scratching and jostling. When you screw the cap to the end of the pen, the nib gets extended. The pen has a tiny hinge at the end where one can open and insert cartridges. 

Unlike other pens from the Montblanc brand, the Boheme is engraved on the section rather than the cap.   


The Montblanc brand designs its nibs from 14 Karat gold. The Boheme pen has a rhodium inlay and a two-tone design. The large pen’s nib is trimmed in rose gold, while the small pen’s nib is trimmed in regular gold. 

Both pens feature the standard 6-pointed star engraved with M and are marked 4810 (Montblan’s height in meters). The tips are also marked 14K-Montblanc-585, which indicates the quantity of pure gold in the pen.  

The pens are all-purpose; you can use them on non-fountain pen-friendly paper, which is usually used in most workplaces and offices. The medium tip pen (146) is quite wet, and you can use it on high-quality papers and is ideal for individuals with big handwriting. The Boheme pen is also an excellent signature pen.      

Nevertheless, left-handed individuals may find it challenging to use these pens as they aren’t fast drying. These pens are so good that you don’t have to tune the nibs before you use them.      


The Boheme is an elegant, feminine pen. The rose-gold accents go well with the solid gray cap giving it a sophisticated, stately feel.    

The pen’s body is lined with golden leaves, and the clip features an amber and gold gemstone, which brings the colors together.  


The Boheme pens are manufactured and marketed as luxury pens, and their price tag reflects this. The smaller pen costs $520, while the larger pens cost $635. The price is almost the same compared to other luxury pens in the market, such as Pelikan’s Visconti.   

Nevertheless, these pens are available on the used market. As mentioned earlier, these pens are advertised as luxury pens; therefore, they’re marketed to a specific audience and not all fountain pen users. 

It takes patience and effort to search for these pens on platforms such as Craigslist and purchase them at a bargain price. You can find the small pen for $175 and the large pen for $215 on Craigslist.       

It’s not advisable to buy second-hand Montblanc pens online unless they come from a reliable source. There are many fake Montblanc pens listed on platforms like eBay, and the fit and quality of such pens are usually very wanting. Whenever possible, buy these pens locally so that you can examine the pen before buying.    

Ink Capacity

The Boheme pens use short international carriages since they’re too tiny to use converters. A single cartridge has an ink capacity of 0.8 ml.   


The pens are made from precious black resin and have Montblac’s trademark 6-pointed star, usually visible inside a shirt pocket.  

The resin is simple to clean; all you need is a soft washcloth, and you’ll be good to go. When exposed to light, the resin has a translucent red hue; this is one of the methods you can use to determine if a pen is an authentic Montblanc pen. 

The company is named after Montblanc, and the white star depicts Montblanc’s snow-capped peak. Boheme pens are trimmed in gold; newer pens have a serial number on the clip ring, and their clip is unmarked.   

The cap band consists of three parts—the center cap band branded with Montblanc and MeisterStuck, which means a masterpiece, as well as two trim rings. The larger pen (146) has a transparent ink window and is a piston filler.   

The piston filler has all the ink mechanisms working in the pen. The smaller pen (145) is a converter/cartridge-filled pen. 


The pen’s size suits most users, and its tip is firm and solid. This is the perfect pen for anyone who’s in the market for small pocket pens. 

Bottom Line

Boheme pens are excellent everyday companions and fit comfortably in small bags and shirts. The nib mechanism is fast and smooth; thus, signing forms and writing notes are simple. This pen is perfect for individuals who love cartridges and features a smooth and fast starting nib.    

The pens can be used for serious purposes, but you’ll have to carry extra cartridges as the pen’s cartridges are small and have a capacity of 0.8 ml. The pen is well balanced and lightweight; hence you won’t get tired even if you use it all day long.